Makeup by Mario: 10 Insider Tips for Mastering Your Look

Makeup by Mario is synonymous with excellence in the beauty industry. With his expertise and innovation, Mario Dedivanovic has transformed the way we approach makeup application. In this article, we’ll delve into 10 insider tips from Makeup by Mario himself, guiding you through the process of mastering your look like a pro.

Understanding Your Skin with Makeup by Mario

Before diving into makeup application, it’s essential to understand your skin type and undertones. Mario Dedivanovic emphasises the importance of skincare as the foundation of any makeup routine. Analyse your skin’s needs and choose products that cater to them for a flawless canvas.

Preparing the Canvas with Makeup by Mario

Preparation is key to achieving a seamless makeup application. Makeup by Mario recommends starting with a clean, moisturised face followed by a primer to smooth out the skin’s texture and prolong the wear of your makeup.

Perfecting the Base with Makeup by Mario

Achieving a flawless base is Makeup by Mario’s specialty. Whether you prefer a lightweight tinted moisturiser or full-coverage foundation, focus on blending the product seamlessly into the skin using tools like beauty blenders or brushes for an airbrushed finish.

Sculpting with Contour and Highlight

Contouring and highlighting can enhance your features and add dimension to your face. Mario advises using cream products for a natural-looking sculpt, applying contour shades to the hollows of the cheeks, jawline, and temples, while highlighting the high points of the face for a radiant glow.

Enhancing the Eyes

The eyes are often considered the focal point of any makeup look. Mario’s tip for mesmerising eyes is to start with a neutral base shade and gradually build up intensity with darker shades in the crease and outer corners. Don’t forget to blend, blend, blend for a seamless transition between colours.

Mastering the Perfect Winged Liner

Winged eyeliner is a classic makeup technique that can instantly elevate your look. Mario suggests starting with a thin line along the lash line and gradually extending it outward for a subtle flick or a dramatic wing, depending on your preference.

Achieving Luscious Lips

Amp up your lip game with Mario’s tips for achieving luscious lips. Start by exfoliating and moisturising your lips for a smooth canvas, then define your lip shape with a lip liner before applying your chosen lip colour for a long-lasting and polished finish.

Setting Your Makeup for All-Day Wear

Setting your makeup is crucial for longevity, especially in Singapore’s humid climate. Mario recommends using a setting spray to lock in your makeup and prevent it from melting or fading throughout the day.

Embracing Your Unique Beauty

While makeup can enhance your features, it’s essential to embrace your unique beauty. Mario encourages individuals to experiment with makeup and express themselves authentically, whether it’s a bold red lip or a subtle shimmer on the lids.

Confidence is Key

Above all, confidence is the ultimate accessory. No matter how skilled you are at applying makeup, it’s your confidence that truly shines through. Stand tall, wear your makeup with pride, and let your inner beauty radiate.


With these insider tips from Makeup by Mario, you’re well-equipped to master your makeup look like a pro. Remember to tailor these techniques to suit your individual preferences and embrace the journey of self-expression through makeup.


1. What are Makeup by Mario Dedivanovic’s must-have makeup products?

Mario’s essential makeup products include a high-quality foundation, versatile eyeshadow palette, creamy contour and highlight products, long-lasting lipsticks, and a reliable setting spray.

2. How can I prevent my makeup from creasing in humid weather with Makeup by Mario’s tips?

To combat makeup creasing in humid weather, use lightweight and oil-free products, set your makeup with a translucent powder, and carry blotting papers for touch-ups throughout the day.

3. What is the best way to clean makeup brushes and sponges according to Makeup by Mario’s recommendations?

To clean makeup brushes and sponges, use a gentle cleanser or baby shampoo mixed with warm water. Gently swirl the brushes/sponges in the solution, rinse thoroughly, and allow them to air dry.

4. How can I find the right foundation shade for my skin tone with Makeup by Mario’s advice?

When selecting a foundation shade, test the product on your jawline or the back of your hand in natural light. Choose a shade that seamlessly blends into your skin without leaving any noticeable lines or demarcations.

5. What is the most important makeup technique to master according to Makeup by Mario?

According to Mario Dedivanovic, mastering the art of blending is the most important makeup technique. Seamless blending ensures that your makeup looks natural and flawless, regardless of the products you use.



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