Face Cleansing Balm: 10 Best Picks for a Radiant Glow

Face cleansing balms have become a staple in many skincare routines, especially for those seeking a gentle yet effective way to cleanse their skin. These balms are designed to dissolve makeup, dirt, and impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils, leaving it clean and radiant. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 face cleansing balms that can help you achieve a glowing complexion.

Face Cleansing Balm:Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm

Banila Co Clean It Zero is a cult favourite for a reason. This balm transforms from a sherbet-like texture to a smooth oil upon application. It effectively removes stubborn makeup and leaves the skin feeling hydrated. Its formula includes papaya extract, which helps exfoliate and brighten the skin, making it a perfect choice for a radiant glow.

Face Cleansing Balm:Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm

Clinique’s Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm is known for its lightweight yet powerful formula. It effortlessly melts away makeup and sunscreen without irritating the skin. Suitable for all skin types, this balm ensures your skin is thoroughly cleansed and ready to absorb the rest of your skincare products.


Elemis ProCollagen Cleansing Balm

The Elemis ProCollagen Cleansing Balm is a luxurious option that not only cleanses but also nourishes the skin. Infused with essential oils and antiaging ingredients like padina pavonica, this balm helps to firm and rejuvenate the skin, providing a youthful and radiant appearance.

Drunk Elephant Slaai MakeupMelting Butter Cleanser

Drunk Elephant’s Slaai MakeupMelting Butter Cleanser is a unique balm that turns into a milk upon contact with water. It is formulated with a blend of antioxidant rich fruit extracts and oils that cleanse the skin while providing essential nutrients. This balm is free from essential oils, silicones, and fragrance, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm

Farmacy Green Clean is a versatile balm that not only removes makeup but also cleanses the skin deeply. It contains sunflower and ginger root oils to remove impurities, while moringa extract helps to purify the skin. Papaya enzymes provide gentle exfoliation, leaving the skin soft and glowing.

Heimish All Clean Balm

Heimish All Clean Balm is a favourite among Kbeauty enthusiasts. This balm has a smooth texture that easily breaks down makeup and impurities. It contains natural ingredients like shea butter, citrus herb oils, and white flower complex to brighten and nourish the skin, promoting a healthy glow.

Eve Lom Cleanser

Eve Lom Cleanser is a multi award winning balm known for its luxurious formula and deep cleansing properties. It contains a blend of aromatic plant oils such as clove, eucalyptus, hops, and chamomile, which work together to decongest, tone, and soften the skin. This balm leaves the skin with a radiant, balanced complexion.

Then I Met You Living Cleansing Balm

Then I Met You Living Cleansing Balm is a standout product in the world of cleansing balms. Its rich, buttery texture is infused with seaberry (sea buckthorn) oil, persimmon extract, and olive oil. These ingredients provide intense nourishment and help to brighten and even out the skin tone, giving you a radiant glow.

Hanskin Pore Cleansing Balm

Hanskin Pore Cleansing Balm is designed specifically for those with oily or combination skin. This balm contains natural plant oils and salicylic acid, which help to clear pores and control excess sebum production. Its deep cleansing action ensures that your skin is left feeling fresh and radiant without any greasy residue.

Glow Recipe Papaya Sorbet Enzyme Cleansing Balm

Glow Recipe’s Papaya Sorbet Enzyme Cleansing Balm is a delightful addition to any skincare routine. This balm features papaya enzymes and natural exfoliants that gently dissolve makeup and impurities while providing mild exfoliation. It leaves the skin looking smooth, bright, and radiant.


Face cleansing balms are a fantastic addition to any skincare regimen, offering a gentle yet thorough cleanse that leaves the skin glowing. Whether you have sensitive, oily, or combination skin, there is a cleansing balm out there that can meet your needs. The ten balms highlighted in this article are some of the best options available, each offering unique benefits to help you achieve a radiant complexion. 


1. What is a face cleansing balm?

A face cleansing balm is a type of cleanser that starts as a solid balm and melts into an oil upon contact with the skin. It is designed to dissolve makeup, dirt, and impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

2. How do I use a face cleansing balm?

To use a face cleansing balm, take a small amount and massage it onto dry skin. Once the balm has melted into an oil, add a little water to emulsify, then rinse thoroughly with warm water or a damp cloth.

3. Can face cleansing balms be used on all skin types?

Yes, face cleansing balms can be used on all skin types. However, it’s important to choose a balm that suits your specific skin needs, whether it’s hydration, oil control, or sensitivity.

4. Are face cleansing balms effective at removing waterproof makeup?

Yes, most cleansing balms are very effective at removing waterproof makeup due to their oil based formula, which breaks down even the most stubborn products.

5. Can I use a face cleansing balm every day?

Yes,cleansing balms are gentle enough for daily use. They can be a great first step in a double cleansing routine, followed by a water based cleanser for a thorough cleanse.


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